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Bell-type floor drain performance analysis

(1) no internal mesh bucket to collect small wastewater solids;
(2) drains the water off leaving a narrow double ring annular space, to ensure that the water depth, flow from top to bottom, bottom to row people channel, relatively long flow;
(3) exhaust flow pattern are gravity flow, surface drainage of the head low relative-chuan, instantaneous flow rate is small, in an annular gap resistance, low velocity, low self-purification ability, fine dirt, easy to hang, or cumulative, easy to grow biofilm, clogging channels;
(4) easy to plug, and the water not too deep, more blocking, Qing Tao because ponding and often, people do not like to use. Because ponding, people will take away the cover without cover seal does not exist, the outlet of the drainage system, dirty air continuously to escape people, seriously pollute the indoor environment.
Should be different according to the place of water in the home, one is the Cancel drain set; second place is in the drain cannot be canceled should drain water, preventing water from being damaged. Shower or bathtub health asked due to splashing water in the shower more, would create a flow of surface water. No shower or bath, and toilet water less, or even no splash, which hardly constitutes, which places the bathroom floor drain bundle and there is no water at all, this is a leak against the root causes of environmental quality. One way to solve the odor is to cancel drain. In Chongqing great excellent decoration, kitchen floor drain be cancelled, nor most of the bathroom floor drains, floor drains, General measures of water. BACK