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Common wooden board types and specification

By 3 or more layers I mm thick. veneer or thin glue hot pressing. It is hand-made furniture, the most commonly used materials. Plywood can be divided into 3 per cent, 5 per cent, 9 per cent, 12 per cent, 15 per cent and 18 per cent 6 specifications (1 to 1 mm.
2. plate
Plate is made from wood and scrap as main raw material, add glue, pressed into a thin sheet of additives. Classified according to the method of squeezing Particleboard, Particleboard two categories.
3. density Board
MDF fibreboard, wood or other plant fiber as raw material is imposing gills aldehyde tree vinegar or other suitable adhesive a-made artificial boards. According to their different lines, divided into high density Board, medium density, low density Board. MDF as soft impact resistance, easy processing, in foreign countries is a good material for making furniture, but due to national standards for high density Board is several times lower than the international standard, so the MDF using quality needs to be improved in our country.
4. decorative Panel
Are precision cut the plane solid wood veneer thickness of 0.2 mm or so small, with plywood Tsuen materials through adhesive produced with CAT technology. single decoration decorative plates. It is a special splint, thickness of 3 mm. Decorative Panel is now different from the mixed approach of a high decoration materials.
5. core Board
Also known as core blockboard. Large core is made from two pieces of veneer formed a mosaic. Core prices cheaper than with thick plywood, its vertical (to core material to distinguish) flexural strength-differential, but lateral bending strength higher. Big core Board skins to 1.5mm for the top grade, core national standards for foot of total thickness 18 mm, but foot-18 min
Rarely, 17.5 mm is also on the line.
Core plate according to the quality of the material and the texture of the surface material can be divided into "Excellence", "grade" and "qualified". Enterprise mark sheet as "a-class", "double-a-class" and "AAA", but this is just business standard does not "triple", currently on the market has this callout is not allowed. If sheet metal gives off a pungent smell, indicating high formaldehyde emissions, do not buy.
Core Board on the market there are two core, do another lJ buy Liu An exchanger, core preferably fragrant fir wood, saw wind that filled the room after swallowing. Don't put too much emphasis on environmental protection, as long as the formaldehyde emission has to conform to the State standards. Note that corn plastic, potato plastic sheet produced very strong and Chongqing of giant decorative wood cracking than plywood larger. BACK