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Environmental performance evaluation

Fire Board is siliceous or calcareous materials as raw materials, with a certain percentage of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, a mixture of chemically and additive mixed, decorative plates made of autoclave technology. It is more and more use of a new material, its use is not just for fire safety. Paste the laminate construction for high expectations for the glue, high quality fire Board price is more expensive than the decorative Panel. Fire board thickness is 0. 8 mm and I mm and 1:2 mm.
Greener than big core, timber agent a, because most use a rubber boom, strictly speaking, cannot be absolute environmental protection!
. VOD-Srung
Use Ou Song's original intention was to environmental protection, but Ou Song du 1 roughness on the surface often paste decorative plywood. Plywood and glue is at once the most environmentally unfriendly, and workers are not serious operations can also cause surface empty drum.
Environmental performance evaluation of
Buy wooden plate not only to environmental protection, should also look at the origin, and choose local products in the South of the South, North to choose a local product of the North, or it has a fatal flaw is easily deformed. If it comes from the air humidity of the South and sent to air dry after the North would lead to irreversible changes, need to consider carefully when you buy.
Interior decorating firms, environmental protection there are concepts, objectively speaking is "green" as possible selection of materials consistent with national environmental requirements, expectations but not too high.
Rational use and saving methods of wooden plates
Wood quality plate regardless of is grass-roots Board also is ornaments Panel, its specifications are for unified size, that 1220mrn x 2440cnm, such we can obtained wood quality plate reasonable using of Tsuen wood die numerical: 400 mm,600 NMM,500 MNI and 200 Inns, as long as we in using Shi as comply with by die numerical Xia material, Chongqing giant better decorative makes wood quality plate can just was overall segmentation, is can in whole home
Save loading a lot of wooden plates.

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