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Eastern Mediterranean style

Eastern Mediterranean-style design is very popular in the industry concerned.
Eastern Mediterranean neighbors many different customs, but unique climate characteristics or States of the Eastern Mediterranean style has some consistent features.
Usually, the "Eastern Mediterranean style" home, a few design elements: lime mud, continuous Arcade with arches, clay brick, sea-blue tiles and doors and Windows.
Of course, the simple design elements cannot be pieced together, there must be a soul which style. Eastern Mediterranean-style soul, and current consensus is "blue romantic, sea and sky, the Sun is shining and pure nature."
Eastern Mediterranean origins of the style and features:
Eastern Mediterranean, the cradle of Western civilization.
Eastern Mediterranean "Meditrranean" meaning comes from the Latin, meaning the center of the Earth, since ancient times, the Eastern Mediterranean is not only important center of trade, Western Greece, Rome, cradle of Persia, ancient civilization, Christianity, the cradle of civilization. Eastern Mediterranean stretching 2000 miles, has 17 coastal States from Eastern Mediterranean rich and existing residents are mostly local people for generations, so breeding a wide variety of styles.
Eastern Mediterranean-style beauty, including sea and sky in bright colors, as if cut by water after the white walls, lavender, rose, jasmine aroma and color flakes of wild flower field next to the road, the historic old buildings, yellow and reddish-brown woven into a strong national coloring.
As Spain northern coast with white sandy beaches, and Greece white villages in the blue sky glittered, and Italy sunflowers the flower fields in the sunshine of southern blinks Golden, France South of lavender aroma floating blue-purple, North Africa-specific deserts and rocky natural scenery, such as the strong color combination of red, Brown, yellow. Based on the bright colors of nature.
Eastern Mediterranean style is the basis of bright, bold, colorful, simple, nationality, distinct characteristics. Reproduce the Eastern Mediterranean style does not require too much skill, but keep it simple thoughts, capture light, drawn from nature, bold and free use of color and style.
Eastern Mediterranean style features:
A: the romantic arched space
"Eastern Mediterranean style" architecture is, arches and half-arches, horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors. Rounded arches and winding corridors in the building usually adopted a number of connections or perpendicular to, and watch, there extends a **, and walls in your home office (as long as is not a load bearing wall), may use half uneconomical or uneconomical way to shape the Interior view window. This is the Eastern Mediterranean where a taste of home.
II: beautiful color scheme
"Eastern Mediterranean style" the greatest charm of Chinese urban home, probably derives from its beautiful color combinations.
Spain blue of coast and white beach, Greece of white village in blue sky Xia was is manufacturing dream, South Italy of sunflower spent field flowing in Sun Xia of Golden, and France southern smoked clothing grass floating to of blue purple aroma, and North Africa unique desert and the rock, natural landscape of Red Brown, and Naturals of strong color combination, Eastern Mediterranean of color does too rich has, and due to light foot, all color of saturated degrees also is high, reflected out color most gorgeous of side. Eastern Mediterranean color feature is that no artificial, color rendering.
Eastern Mediterranean style geographical nature there are three classic colours:
Blue and white: this is typical of the Eastern Mediterranean colours. Spain and the Morocco coast to the Eastern Mediterranean of the East coast of Greece. Greece the white villages and sandy beaches and blue sea, blue sky and Zenith, even door frames, Windows, seat was blue and white color scheme, plus mixed with seashells, sand wall, pebbles, tile mosaics, gold and silver iron metal containers, different degrees of comparison and combination of blue and white to the extreme. Most countries in the region to Islam, Islam's main colours to blue and white colors.
Huang, Lan Zi, and Green: Southern Italy of sunflowers and lavender fields of the South of France, yellow flowers and green leaves contrast with the Lan Zi, formed a romantic color combination, full of natural beauty.
Yellow and Red-Brown: this is North Africa unique desert, rock, mud, sand and natural colors, then Crimson, Indigo, non-native plants North of, plus brass, brings a vast sense of Earth-like. BACK