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Principles of color

(1) coordination of attention to color and material, of the same colors are used for different materials effect varies. It can make people feel change in unity, on the premise of overall coordination to feel subtle differences. Similar color coordinated; different texture, full of change. This allows people to easily from hard and soft, smooth and rough comparison of the sense of taste, wood texture and fabric designers ' ingenuity.
Make full use of materials themselves, and can reduce the sense of shape, so that colors are more natural beauty. Southern homes and garden buildings are often decorated with bamboo does not whitewash, its elegant style, fresh, natural park, with strong personality.
(2) handle regional and national. Use of color and aesthetic is based on the feeling of the majority decision. But under the influence of different geographical and climatic conditions, different nationalities and races also have different preferences for color. For example, Han habits will red as festive and auspicious of symbol; Tibetan due to body at snow of natural environment and by religious activities of effect, more to strong of color and compared color decorated clothing and building; Italy people and French like crisp of color, as yellow and orange,; African people black colour are mostly, clothing and building decorative more with yellow and white; Nordic people is love Yu wood of color,. Therefore, at the time of decorative colour design, that is, to master the rules and understand the mannerisms of different races and ethnic groups.
Climatic conditions also have great impact on color design. South China with a pale or cool tones, while the North is more in warm colors. Wet, wetter areas, color values can be a bit higher in cold and dry areas, the lightness of color may be slightly lower. Interior color of different orientation in the same region, there should be differences. Sun rooms, color can be cool; dark room color should be warmer.
Lighting is an important factor affecting the interior color. Wide range of lamps and even the same space and the same furnishings, under different light source conditions, will cause various psychological feelings interior color. Therefore, take into account the considerations in the design. BACK