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Buy repair material to consider what

Now, referring to buy decoration materials, consumers call headache, decoration materials market, building materials shops can be found everywhere, and prices are not uniform, buy the cheap building materials, consumers have to run all over the city, shop around, then make a choice. But in the process of buying, consumers did not understand for the building materials industry, no idea is often uncertain.
In today's home market, many companies decoration "do not pack the main material." Which we need owners according to their need to buy flooring, ceramic tile, sanitary ware, lighting, and other decoration materials.
We selected repair material should pay attention to several areas:
1, in line with the requirements of environmental protection, avoiding harm to the human body, this is the most fundamental point. If human health is not guaranteed, but can't talk about comfortable and beautiful.
2, meet the requirements of decorative features.
3, should be consistent with the overall design. When set decoration style, general idea, to target and get the satisfaction of decorative materials.
4, should be in line with economic conditions. Purchase and renovation materials to try to control the budget, focus on "value for money".
Now, decoration materials, high market transparency, select the repair material should pay attention to shop around, do not blindly believe the sales rhetoric, decoration materials were more familiar with the performance indicators and then decide to buy, if you have never heard of the brand, be cautious. Choice of decoration materials brand in particular, watch out for some "ghost":
Pretending to be a brand-name: for example, Diamond brand sanitary ware is a form of brand-name products for decades, now fake work, block be blocked.
Defective product: the phenomenon commonly found in wall and floor tiles, sheet metal, paint and other materials. An owner does not know, spend a quality product of money, buy back is second class, third class, or even reject.
Ignoring standards: for example, according to the national standard, thickness less than 1. 2MM aluminum alloy profiles may not be used for the balcony. And now many aluminum products are not subject to this requirement.
Fake foreign devil: for example, glass sliding door, Germany signs imported or joint venture, claiming that "all imported parts". In fact, the key components of its products---Rails and doors is "home-made".
Is to focus on the so-called "price-performance ratio". Decoration materials "value" determined by the following factors:
1, decoration materials, rare. New decorative material tend to price higher precious raw materials used in the production of decoration materials must have high price.
2, decoration materials, longer service life, better quality, higher prices.
3, decoration materials procurement channels. Larger supermarket of building materials, building materials market, fewer incoming links, relative prices are lower. Are often the better the performance, the more trendy decoration materials price is higher. What choices to achieve a balance depends on the affordability of and personal preference. BACK