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Autumn, Kant's decoration and new route you on Capitol Hill

To thank new and old customers for a long time on the new route of the decorations group support and love, on the occasion of renovation autumn months, decorating Group launched new routes offers, where customers can enjoy deposit during the exhibition:
(A) receive a free gift of a;
(B) where the customer signed during the exhibition, and enjoy an "oak" cabinets kind volume 500 Yuan a piece, "Grice" wall tiles 5 squared, "gold medal" ware 50 percent discount on
(C) activities the customer paid the deposit for the period after the completion of free water, electricity, gas, and concealed works of disc one and finished after the real effect in photography CD ''
(D) decorated in Golden autumn months in addition to the price of the company at the same time, will also provide more peace of mind for owners of home accessories services, drapery designer tracking, allowing you to choose the main material in accordance with
Your decorating style, less you regret in the decoration, make your new House more unique;
(E) in addition to other than enjoy the above offers, where decoration contract on-site customers, can enjoy project 96 percent discount BACK