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How to avoid decoration pollution

How to avoid decoration pollution? Next to how to avoid decoration pollution
Prevention of indoor air pollution should be made from scratch, as in design, process, material aspects of awareness. In the decoration, you should try to choose environmentally friendly nontoxic or less toxic materials, and regular home construction company in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection. When buying furniture, choose products with reputation guarantee regular factory production. In the process of building, can be controlled by the choice of material, engineering, site selection and acceptance of all aspects of environmental mitigation.
On the choice of materials, residential decoration using a natural stone, class c can not be used natural stone, E1 grade artificial wood should be used, E3 artificial wood can not be used.
Interior wall paints do not use polyvinyl alcohol water-glass interior wall paint (106 interior wall paint), polyvinyl interior wall paint (107, 803, interior wall paint).
Pasting wallpaper prohibited the use of polyvinyl formal adhesives (107 glue).
Wood flooring and other wood materials non-asphalt corrosion protective, moisture-proof agents, flame retardants shall not contain volatile ammonia component.
When you paste the plastic floor is not allowed to use solvent-based adhesives. Urea-formaldehyde foam should not be used as heat insulation, sound-absorbing materials.
In terms of construction and House decoration in the phenyl diluents and solvents must not be used (including benzene, benzene, heavy oil benzene, not including toluene, xylene).
Do not use benzene, toluene, xylene and petrol on a large scale in addition to oil and removing the old paint job.
Coatings, adhesives, additives, solvents such as thinner after use should be kept closed in a timely manner, wastes should be cleared in a timely manner an indoor, indoor use solvent to clean construction equipment is strictly prohibited.
Artificial wood Splice, apart from the core Board for class E1, a section and the edge should be sealed.
Enhance Interior ventilation is critical of several major pollutants through increased ventilation can sweep off. Renovated House could not immediately move in, try ventilation, air cleaning work. However, you cannot open all the doors and Windows and ventilation, because it had just finished brushing the wall and ceiling paint, and paint fast drying, easy to crack BACK