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Decoration processes and considerations

Decoration process:
1. early design--2. subject demolition--3. hydropower transformation--4. woodworking--5. posted brick--6. Brush wall surface paint--7. kitchen Wei ceiling--8. cabinet installation--9. wood door installation--10. floor installation--11. Pu posted wallpaper--12. radiator installation--13. switch socket installation--14. lamps installation--15. hardware ware installation--16. curtains Rod installation--17. pioneer cleaning--18. furniture entry--19. appliances installation-- 20. home accessories
Decoration, is roughly in accordance with the 20-step completed.
, Decorating the whole process
(A) preliminary design
Are built, and the bee is the difference between bee building is a reflection of nature, and people in construction, first formed the idea in my head and frame. So, if compared to a home campaign, early home design is the campaign's "battle plan", is the home of "soul link". So, die resistance in part throughout the story of the Tang Liang manufacturing problems are design, need not be repeated here.
In early designs, must do one thing, it is a detailed measurement of their rooms, let us not lazy, is best measured in person again, measure includes:
1, a clear area of the renovation process involves. Especially the area of tiles, wall paint area, wallpaper size, floor area;
2, clear the main wall size. In particular the need to design furniture wall size.
Decoration in many places with the truth – we may not be very clear, but the heart must be there.
(B) of the main demolition
Get to the construction phase, the main demolition is an item on the first, including wall, walls, shovel the paint, remove heating, for plastic Windows, and so on. Demolition, plainly, is the first framework to set up the site.
(C) hydroelectric renovation
Before the water circuit, the main structure demolition should be completed. Hydroelectric renovation and demolition of the subject between the two elements, some students may know, should also be the first measurements of the Cabinet. So-called cabinets of measuring for the first time and there is no actual content, because the walls and floors have been, Cabinet Designer cannot give a concrete dimension, but only developers reserved ports, range hood outlet locations in Sheung Shui, put forward some suggestions. Includes:
1, see whether the range hood outlet locations affect the range hood installation;
2, look at the meter location suitability;
3, look at the position of the upper nozzle for later installation of sink.
The first measurements of the Cabinet, slightly more experienced students can complete on their own. Waterway after the renovation is complete, the best then do toilet waterproof. Kitchens generally don't need to be waterproof.
Have students always think before renovation began, some of the ingredients in advance to enter. What I'm saying is, unless it is subject of demolition needed ingredients, otherwise, such as ceramic tile, core Board and other ingredients to enter time in water and electricity after the transformation. Because the circuit ground slots if any, ceramic tiles, improper position of the core code, moving the worker to be in trouble. Two days before the "rat" classmates also mentioned to me that she had just had a room full of workers come round quick to move bricks problem, remind students to pay attention.
(Iv) wood
Carpentry, bricklaying, Oilers is the construction of "three brothers", in order of appearance are: wood-and-tile-oil. On basic principle is--who is dirty and who first appearances. "Who is dirty and who first" also determines the order home one of the basic principles, I'll also mention.
Actually like Pauli exclusion tube, and do decorative ceiling, and posted gypsum line like of woodworking live from a species meaning Shang said also can as subject demolition of a fine link consider, itself and water circuit transformation does not conflict, sometimes also need some tie, such as I Shang article post mentioned of--"home prepared do fake wall words, to consider fake wall Shang whether has hydropower line, if has words, should let hydropower transformation of workers pre buried tube. "
(V) tile
If the workers are too busy driving, foreman will "carpenters boss" is not over when the "bricklayers second" entry tile, this is normal, since the conflict is nothing.
"The bricklayer Dick" work process, involves the following three steps to install:
1, door, stone, marble window sill installation. Door stone installation can complete with tile or after the floor tile, marble window sill after install in Windows, installation of marble workers prepare plastic glass, smoothly on Windows use glass marbles and rubber seal.
2, floor drain installation. Leak is the first appearance of home hardware, because it and the floor tiles together with installation. So, when students began visiting the building materials, should catch the floor drain.
3, range hood installed. Range hood is the appliance first appearance, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles laid, you can consider installing the range hood.
"The bricklayer second" off the field, this time about Cabinet second measurement, precisely, in the kitchen after you finish tile stickers and installing the range hood, it can be about Cabinet second measurement.
(F) brush wall paint
"The Oilers third" approach, the main wall base treatment, Brushed finish, "wood boss" the paint on the furniture and so on. Ready pasted wallpaper classmates only need to allow "the Oilers third" plan papering the walls to do grass-roots can. As to whether to stay last time finishes, personal feeling no need too seriously this issue from my repair experience, the meaning of left over paint is not very big, because behind the operation was no dirtier than paint.
I write to you, die anti-breath, chatting with everyone here. When the "boss", "second", "third" after you have left, many students will think their decoration is coming to an end, in fact, by the number of links to one-third less. We feel this way because, there is a general understanding of the decoration is the decoration of "construction" renovated "install link" which was renovated again.
If we say that "design" is the future home of our "concept", then "construction" is our home "wrapper", and said "keep" House almost in "install link". Drink, continue ... ...
(G) the kitchen ceiling
Lead with Cabinet ceiling as part of an installation, and still continues to the home of "packaging". In the kitchen ceiling and the moisture of the kitchen ceiling lamp, exhaust fan (Yuba) should have bought. Students the best ceiling lamp, kitchen exhaust fan (bath) and packed, or leave threads and holes.
Stop by get a word in, I strongly advocate "decoration outsourcing theory", even though foreman told me how hydropower reform promised that his workers how to standardize, aluminum plate installation how to rule, doors how do strong, wallpaper paste, how professional, how cabinets to create practical ... ... In my opinion, the renovation team could do was carpentry, tile, painted
Because I believe that professional construction, believe in manufacturers installation standards and pipeline operations, most decorated team of workers hand-paints. Decoration game, bet that workers ' skills, so bet on "my workers construction genius", I was not sure.
Many students make the decoration company, the repair teams do a lot of construction work, which don't have plenty of time on the one hand, there is a reason given "project link" problem. I had decided to water outsourcing, and neighbors reminded me that: link up after a lot of trouble.
Independence of every aspect of the decoration is very strong, remember a while back also has students questioned in the South, said his home renovated, each link is the owner of specialized workers. Home decoration so something, nothing really cohesive at all in itself, but students should play as much as possible the process of with at home called "convergence", an accurate grasp of material selection, mastering some simple construction process, dealing with the relationship between workers and so on, this is the key point.
Really to said because "convergence" out has problem, like involved late ware, and lamps, and hardware of installation, link by who to is responsible for of problem, while to see you and workers of along, see last have people willing to "tube" you; on the, really said has didn't people "tube" of share Shang, I also is that sentence words--"since God invention has money, on no solution can't of problem".
Decoration, quality is always in the first place, is the main contradiction, is the main principle. Some links for "convergence" out of the question, it is a secondary issue. Preparing students for the secondary contradictions in contradiction, in principle, to make concessions at the same time, the need to carefully.
(H) the kitchen cabinet installation
After the end of the ceiling can be about cabinet door installation. Well, the time of day can be completed. Install the sink (not including water), and gas stove, cabinets before installing the best coordination of property through the gas because gas burner installed gas testing is required after.
Yes, just now when it comes to ceilings, have a problem worthy of our discussion, many students select waterproof gypsum board ceiling kitchen combined with waterproof paint, the renovation team offers more than 120 Yuan per square meter than of aluminum ceiling, PVC ceiling ceiling is more expensive. Gypsum Board ceiling to visually look flat, but later top hose if there is a problem, or a leak upstairs downstairs to meet the maintenance, etc, plasterboard is removed as a whole, rather than buckle ceiling much trouble. Therefore, we choose carefully when plasterboard.
(I) the wooden door installation
Kitchen cabinets installed next day, wooden door after the measurement is completed as early as one month ago, now about installation. Hopefully, one day is also a time, gate hinges, locks, to be installed at the same time. Students should prepare in advance the relevant hardware.
Wood door manufacturer to install the window if you want to set, pass, never to take measurements, measurement of wood door manufacturer, wooden door and re-install it installed at the same time of the day, but should also consider the marble window sill installation time wrong, behind the window cover after installation.
Note: the wooden door of the production cycle for a month, so, in order for the schedule tight, to be completed in the main demolition wood door manufacturer as soon as possible after the door size is measured. On the door handle, you need to note that inconsistent if door height, needs workers – such as nice.
(J) the floor installation
Wooden door installed can install the floor the next day, hopefully, is a day's time. Flooring installed needs to pay attention to the following issues:
1, floor installation, makes the best manufacturers door need to survey the ground level or local level, and some renovation or refurbishment team will advise the students to ground level or local level, to flooring manufacturers ' actual survey date;
2, floor installation, paving the ground floor in the House to clean up, to ensure dry, so the cleaning process do not use water.
3, floor installation, conditional, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor. Forum also discussed this issue before, there are students that cutting pollution in public areas of the floor in the corridor, immoral. My idea is that only after the completion of cleaning, it does not matter. Indoor cut serious pollution of the flooring on the wall, similar to the Cabinet of artificial stone cutting, I believe that decorated the students how many have the experience.
(11) the tile wallpaper
Installed on the floor the next day, tidied up, and about wallpaper tile can, hopefully, the same time of day. So, tile wallpaper of the day, the floor should be protected; no condition does not matter, residual wallpaper glue to the pioneering clean the floor cleaning is not a problem. Shop until the papering, wall to try to do "nothing".
(12) to install the heat sink
Wallpaper made up the next day, replace the heatsink heatsink or demolition of students can be encouraged to hang the radiator on the wall. Also is the time of day.
Wood--floor--wallpaper-the radiator, it is a generally accepted the correct installation order, first wooden doors to ensure floor baseboard and wooden doors with door tight; after loading wallpaper mainly because floor installation is dirty, dust, and wallpaper are seriously polluted. Here again I said "who is dirty and who first" principle. Last radiator because only the walls wallpaper made to install the radiator.
Successive progressive renovation process that is, limitations and design under restricted conditions. Occasionally there are exceptions, like Holtz needs to install the back gate, but there are rare exceptions in the renovation process.
Also, I front repeatedly said "day of time", has a layer mean need reminded students are, "day" for whole decoration for does not is long, so, even nothing installation conflict, like Cabinet and wood door, students are also as don't in one days of time in while appointment two a installation, especially on above mentioned of these "large", because installation for these "large" for very key, best designed at a site, and don't "bent on II with". To learn to comfort herself--I was not bad that day.
(13) switch and socket installation
Die anti-only one reminder: students should have the nature of a home switch and socket number, location, has a detailed understanding of such issues or records, especially for students with papering, wallpaper workers sometimes irresponsible wallpaper Hula Hoop laying on it, who does not use the wallpaper knife opening in your switch Sockets location marked. So, still need the students themselves in my mind.
(14) the lighting installation
Installed lights, nothing more to say. Loading lights, light House, said goodbye to the decoration during a 100-watt incandescent light--the Flash of feeling good.
Before buying pipe fittings, bathroom accessories, toilet, drying racks, and more, all mounted on. Before "big" mounted after good, home is still very "cold" until after the packed a lamp, metal ware, the family will be "live", it's "live". Is not an exaggeration to say that, you first open Dragon looked at the water, "Wow, wow" out flow, heart is beautiful; newly installed toilet toilet at home for the first time, a sense of achievement, Yes, I would also give it a nice name--"Virgo".
(Write here, can't help but dig out from the MP3 folder Liang of the first light, but this song is pretty good. )
Curtain rod installation marked the end of home.
(17) the pioneer
Settled prior to cleaning, do not install the curtains, remember "explains curtains" reminded everyone of that post. Pioneer when cleaning, do not have furniture as well as the necessary household appliances at home, to try to keep more of the "plane" in order to pioneer cleaning thoroughly clean.
(18) furniture for seats
Buying time on furniture, what I'm suggesting is that, after the water circuit is completed at the earliest, so you select furniture range we only had a few of the basic size. So, some students before the renovation had not yet begun, have been rushing to order furniture, feel no need to.
(19) the appliance approach
At this time, appliances the approaching entry, the installation setup, ready to stay!
(20) home accessories
Home Accessories, home of the last step, and have changed from decoration decorations, including the installation of curtains are home accessories link. Buy curtains, preferably after the ordered furniture, so as not to conflict style. Home accessories including consider to buy some green plants, wall paintings, decoration crafts and so much more ... ... In short, after the stay, you are free to play.
Second, the renovation process of the two divided
Students read the first section may find that disturbing, in order to facilitate greater understanding of the 20 steps and entrainment during some of the links that need attention, died in front of the resistance, 20 "stars" on the basis of, and add 10 "Star", as follows:
1 handle starts procedures--2 itself measurement--3 early design--4 subject demolition--5 wood door manufacturers door measurement--6 Cabinet first times measurement--7 hydropower transformation--8 bathroom waterproof--9 ingredients entry--10 woodworking--11 posted brick (installation window, and floor drain)--12 installation fume machine--13 Cabinet second times measurement--14 brush wall surface paint--15 kitchen Wei ceiling--16 pass gas--17 cabinet installation (while installation sink, and gas)--18 wood door installation-- 19 floor install--20 tile wallpaper--21 radiator installation--22 installation--23 lamp switch socket installation-245 gold ware--25 curtain rod installation install the--26 pioneer--29 entry--28 cleaning--27 furniture home appliances installed home accessories
(A) the decoration all four steps in the process of dividing
Bold said, according to the text of the first division of 20 links mentioned, decorating the whole process can be divided into the following four parts:
1, design and (1)
2, construction, (2-6)
3, the installation of links (7-16)
4, end links. (17—20)
(B) decorate all six steps in the process of dividing
In accordance with the characteristics and Division of 30 sessions as mentioned, decoration of the whole process can be divided into the following six steps:
The first step: design thinking, (3)
Second step: the main demolition; (4)
The third step: hidden works; (7)
Fourth step: covering engineering, (10, 11, 14, 15, 19, 20)
Fifth step: installation phase (17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25)
The sixth step: finishing stage. (26、27、28、29、30)
1, in order to distinguish it from the bees, we have design ideas;
2, the main demolition was to completely blank site. Main demolition included just said above-"wall, walls, and paint, split heating, for plastic-steel Windows and so on", and some of the carpentry;
3, hidden project is the equivalent of "surgery". Concealed work to do, that is, we often say that the "renovation began, water and electricity";
4, covering engineering, as to "dress". Wood window sets, yakou, bricklayer, tile, stone door, window installation, Oilers painted-wood, tiles, oil, these three belong to the Foundation, back of Board, laying flooring, paste wallpaper after the clothes wear out;
5, the installation phase, main functional implementation. Includes: cabinets, doors, radiators, switch Sockets, lighting installation, hardware, fittings, curtain rod ... ... Each item has its uses;
6, closing stages, frankly speaking, that is does not constitute "moving rooms at" complete.