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American-style features

United States is a advocate free of national, this also created has its free, and free of unruly lifestyle, no too more artificial of modified and constraints, inadvertently in the also achievements has addition a leisure type of romantic, and United States of culture is a transplant culture for led of context, it has Europe Luo BA of luxury and your gas, but and combined has America City this block soil and water of unruly, such combined of results is removed has many fetters, but and can find Culture Foundation of new of nostalgia, and your gas increased gas and and losing free and free of style. American home style these elements but also panders to the lifestyle needs of the cultural assets, namely: a sense of culture, a sense of extravagance, not lack a sense of comfort and style.
American-style space features:
American style refers to the authority of decorated portal of Meshech rabbit case to American-style controls:
Living room: living room as hospitality regional, General requirements simple crisp, while decoration more other space to more crisp glamorous, usually using large of stone and wood ornaments surface decorative; United States people like has history sense of things, this not only reflect in soft loaded ornaments Shang on antique art of love, while also reflect in decoration Shang on various antique wall tiles, and stone of preference and on various imitation old process of pursuit Shang. Overall, the American rustic living room is spacious and full of history.
Kitchen: kitchen in the United States in the eyes generally open (due to their cooking habits), and needs to have a light meal in the corner of the kitchen, also has a powerful, simple and durable kitchen equipment, such as under the sink waste grinder, toaster. Need to accommodate spacious location and plenty of double-door refrigerator operation table. In the decoration also has a lot of good, such as antique wall tiles, cabinet doors with solid wood doors white moulded doors imitation wood-grain color. In addition, the kitchen window like the configuration of the curtains.
Bedroom: bedroom more warmth of American home, as owners of private space, mainly focus on functionality and practicality in mind, the General bedroom does not have a dome light, warm and soft fabric to decorate packages, both in soft and very uniform color.
Study: American home study is simple and practical, but soft with lots of, replete with all owner furnishings of the past life experiences, was rolled edge of antique books, color yellow nautical maps, country landscape oil painting, a Quill ... ... Even ornaments, these things are enough points for the study of American style. Family rooms: family room as family members break a communication center, is a strong private space, usually located next to the restaurant and have a TV, and select easy to clean design sofas and chairs, indoor garden is also more abundant, more decorative painting.

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