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Problems encountered in decorating

Top ten most problems decorating decoration glitch!
Everyone experienced room decoration will have such an experience: decoration is no different than a hard labor, in just a few months ' time, in order to realize their idea and almost took off a layer of skin. But finally some of the nuances of issues not dealt with properly, have various effects on life after staying so that we regret. In fact, some regret entirely can be predicted in advance and avoid, as long as we hear the views of people with repair experience, your decoration will save you a lot of trouble. Here to give those who are ready to call a friend of decorated war "against".
Problem one:
Into households door size not sewing Vintage House are equipped with anti-theft and two doors, decoration, is likely to result in the seam between the door and the floor is not enough, and not pretty thick mats. Designer crack before the renovation, when measuring the dimensions of the door, must fully take into account the thickness of the flooring, floor tiles, mats, set aside in advance sewn. If there was a similar problem may choose a thin pad or mat dimension will dig the floor piece, edge, then place the mat in.
Problem two:
More and more consumer electronics category reserved outlet enough now, was decorated with a few Sockets as needed, and also have enough by now, decoration, dark lines could not be altered. Moreover, design TV background wall without reserve wall outlet such as televisions, stereos, home only to hold open, not only affect the appearance, also clean inconvenient. Designer crack when decorating, taking into account the need to purchase new appliances in the future as much as some plugs to prevent the socket to keep up development of electric train. If you use LCD TV at home, better stay out of the wall outlet location; if you don't, you can fake flowers around your cables, can also play a decorative effect.
Problem three:
Bearing capacity when it is not up the chandelier ceiling joist ceiling joist, does not take into account the future installation of Crystal light of lights, and make it very simple, and finally find ceiling lamp simply cannot tolerate light weight. Designer hack or change to a ceiling joist can withstand lighting or a similar resin lamp with Crystal lamp. If you must install Crystal lamps, ceiling can be dug and expansion bolts on top of the original play, hit the hook, the last hanging lamps.
Problem four:
Storage space with a small kitchen, it is difficult to arrange for enough storage space, but the kitchen is clutter up, pots and pans have no place to hide those headaches do? To tangle them stacked on the counter, is neither beautiful nor when using convenient. Convenient and practical-oriented designers must crack the kitchen, small kitchen but also to arrange space. If the cabinets and wall cabinets will not be enough, you can buy the right metal kitchen shelf or bracket on the wall, microwave oven, rice cooker, storage on the wall shelf with hooks to hang a variety of spoons, knives and other debris.
Problem five:
There isn't good when decorating the kitchen refrigerator sites, does not take into account the size of refrigerators just leave a place, then buy a refrigerator is not a wrong size, was not satisfied with the appearance. When designers break Cabinet designer door measurements, it is necessary to provide him with the exact size of kitchen appliances, but also according to their own habits, and fix them in position, design cabinet size. If the kitchen and dining room not far, you can put the refrigerator in the dining room; in so far you can only buy the right size fridge.
Problem six:
Exposure of the water heater water heaters larger, decoration, hanging out, not only take up space, its intricate piping was beautiful, not care. Designer crack can customize a cabinet with a door water heater wrap, both beautiful and dust cooling. Blind door cabinets cabinets can be customized with the same style, the overall effect is better.

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